Diyaluma Falla Inn

Diyaluma Falla Inn
Located near the DIYALUMA waterfalls along A4 road, Colombo, Beragala, Wellawaya, at 206km from the capital city is a different world.

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*Salubrious mild climate and ideal setting given by the Mother Nature.

*Ideal for holiday makers from abroad during their winter season. (facilities: One room per person,Sunbath facilities,Ayurvedic Treatment and Massage.Weekend tours to tourist attraction places in Sri Lanka. Daily medical checkups by a doctor. Budget fares can be arranged for a month.)

*Relaxing full view of 628ft high Diyaluma Falls.Its dancing display, magical spray transforming into liquid light..

*Upstream and down stream trek wading in crystal clear cool water hopping on rock boulders.

*Five natural rosk pools ideal for a stimulating cool dip and relaxing under a shade of wild greenary.

*One hour climb to the top of the waterfall through Diyaluma Rubber Estate to enjoy the view.

*Uninterrupted electricity supply by our own mini hydro power project

*Organic vegetables and fruits grown in hotel garden.

*Palatable water from our natural spring.

*Close proximity to the archaeological sites Buduruwagala,Adhism Bungolow, Maligawila,Yudaganawa,Pilkington and Millenium Point, Lipton Seat, ect.

Location - 204 km from Colombo.Diyaluma Falls Inn hotel is located by the side of the Diyaluma Water Falls.22 Km from beragala Junction towards Wellawaya and 12 Km from wellawaya Town.

Rail Approch - Rail approch from Colombo and Kandy on Badulla main railway through Haputale, Bandarawela and Ella stations from where access to the hotel is available.

Road Map - Haputale, Beragala and Diyaluma or Wellawaya - Diyaluma
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Address :Diyaluma Falls Inn. 14, Diyaluma, Koslanda, Sri Lanka.
TP :+94 (0)575 678 910/+94 (0)555 679 810
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Diyaluma Falla Inn
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